Vanilla Cookies H4 Flower

Vanilla Cookies H4 Flower

Delight in sweet vanilla and earthy undertones with H4 flower. Premium quality, uplifting effects. Click for more info.
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Experience a delightful and aromatic strain designed to tantalise your senses with a fusion of sweet vanilla and earthy undertones. Sourced from premium hemp cultivars, this H4 flower is meticulously grown, infused  and handpicked to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

Flavours: Sweet, Creamy, Vanilla
Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Entourage 
Appearance: Generous buds, Well trimmed & Cured
Strain Type: Sativa

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All hemp flowers are grown under strict European guidelines and are derived from industrial hempAll flowers yield under 0.01% THC and contain less than 1MG THC/CBN per unit complying with UK and EU regulation.

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