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 how our cbd is made

1. Eden’s Gate strictly uses certified organic hemp obtained from reputable farmers within the USA.  Through selective processing, we guarantee only the highest quality hemp produce for our customers without the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and GMOs. 


 CO2 extraction CBD highest quality in the UK

2. Once hemp quality selection has been finalised, we extract cannabidiol (CBD) through 'Super-Critical CO2 Extraction'. Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be in a gas state at normal temperature and pressure, or in a solid state if frozen. Increases in both the temperature and pressure will cause CO2 to act neither as a gas or liquid, but instead, as an intermediate gas-liquid state known as - 'Super-Critical Liquid'. Hence, the ‘critical point’ is the specific value in which changes in both temperature and pressure away from the norm will cause CO2 to change into its intermediate state.

Importantly, the low toxicity of CO2 supercritical liquid means it can be used as a solvent to extract all the precious cannabinoids we put into our bottles without damaging or denaturing them.

3. Adjustments to the temperature and pressure allow us to specifically identify and target which chemicals we want to extract (and others that we may want to leave behind!). Using this concept we ensure we only extract the purest CBD and leave to waste chemicals such as THC - a psychoactive molecule found in plants.

Better yet, using this technique, our final products are completely SOLVENT FREE. Although being expensive, we use this extraction technology to not only meet the industries best practice for 'Solvent-Free Extraction' but to ensure what’s put in our bottles are safe and pure.

quality processing

 Edens Gate uses only high quality vegetable glycerine and hemp seed oil as the base for all CBD oil products. All CBD edibles are processed using recipes/techniques for well respected confectionery/food grade manufacturers to ensure both maximum effect and taste for our customers.




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