What Is CBD Hash ?

CBD Hash is a concentrate made from cannabis, that has grown its popularity in recent years, mainly for the positive effects it provide the human body. Many people have been consuming CBD Hash for multiple years, reaping the unique benefits from CBD hash.


The history of CBD is a journey some may find interesting. It’s the believed that hash originated in the Middle East, where it was used for religious purposes. Hash production has been popular for centuries of our existence, with the earliest record of Hash use being in ancient India in the 13th Century. Many people believe that Hash has had an existence further back from this, unfortunately for us there is no hard evidence to support this, maybe one day we will find out.



Over the years, the surge in popularity of marijuana flower has flooded the cannabis market. However it is still enjoyed to today, especially with CBD Hash on the ride as one of the easiest methods to consume a high percentage of CBD with less product.

How Is CBD Hash Made?

 The production of CBD Hash is produced by extracting and filtering the trichomes from CBD rich hemp plants. Trichomes are the sticky hairs found on the outside of the flower, giving the flower a crystallised look with a light. Trichomes are the main producer of cannabinoids and terpenes found within the cannabis plant. Whilst the sticky glands have multiple protective properties, they are what give hash there special properties for health benefits for human consumption.

Once the trichomes have been filtered and extract thoroughly, this then leaves a resin that is then compressed using great force. This will give you the finished product of the hash being pressed into a block line shape.



What Is The Bet CBD Hash?

CBD Hash can come in a wide variety of colours, to light brown,, dark brown, blonde, slightly green and even sometimes have a reddish hue. This is all dependant on the way the hash is produced, pressed & filtered. Some CBD Hash can be triple filtered, for hyper purity. Colour is not the only sector that can change, texture & taste can vary. Some CBD Hash will come light and crumbly, to a more pasty waxy texture, or even a super sticky tar like block. With each colour and consistency comes a wider array of sweet, spicy even creamy aromas and tastes.



The super universal span on tastes is mind boggling. As you may know, CBD Flower is available in a bucket load of strains, terpenoids, flavonoids and effects. Taste and effect will all stem down to what CBD Flower was used to press into the concentrate. Whether it be a Sativa rich, Indica dominant or a hybrid strain, every hash you try will give you a specific effect and taste.

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