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Herbal teas have been used for hundreds of years thanks to their benefits on both physical health and mental wellbeing. Over more recent years, CBD tea and CBD Coffee have been rapidly growing in popularity with many looking to enjoy the added benefits that CBD tea bags can bring. Combining the relaxing and uplifting attributes of both CBD and warm herbal tea creates an unbeatable combination which can be enjoyed daily.

The Benefits of CBD Tea UK

Making a popular alternative to popular CBD Oil UK and CBD Gummies, CBD tea allows customers to enjoy the benefits of CBD in liquid form. Whether CBD tea bags are used as part of your morning routine whilst curled up with a book before starting the day or in the evening when you need to unwind and drift off into a deep sleep, take time out of your day to enjoy a relaxing CBD tea.

In addition to providing you with a warm and tasty cup of tea, CBD tea can help those dealing with a wide variety of health conditions as a more natural alternative to pain medication. Just some of the key benefits associated with CBD tea bags are as follows:

  • Help those suffering with anxiety and stressfeel more relaxed and lower blood pressure, helping to calm their symptoms and boost their mood. Whether the CBD tea is used as part of a daily routine or as and when needed, CBD tea bags can help keep anxiety under control.
  • The combination of natural goodness in the tea bags and CBD help to alleviate headaches, making a great product for those suffering with chronic headaches.
  • For those struggling with insomnia or who find it difficult to switch off after a busy day, CBD tea can help get a good night’s sleep. Enjoying a warm CBD tea about half an hour before heading to bed will relax the body and the calming effects will help you drift off into a good quality sleep.
  • With CBD being a pain blocker, CBD tea can provide daily benefits to those suffering with chronic pain conditions. Its pain relief qualities and anti-inflammatory properties can reduce the ongoing discomfort felt.

Using CBD Tea Bags

At Eden’s Gate, we stock the highest quality CBD tea bags from leading brands to offer you the best products available. Choose from a variety of new flavours and aromas including turmeric and ginger, green tea, peppermint and chamomile and matcha green tea to find CBD tea that suits your preferences. The carefully designed blends are filled with flavour and natural ingredients to provide you with their benefits, full of antioxidants and digestion aids to leave you feeling great. You can make your CBD tea in the same way as you would with a regular cup of tea. Add a CBD tea bag to your mug and fill with boiling water; CBD tea is processed to ensure that the CBD is extracted into your drink to release the full effects. 

Buy The Best CBD Tea

The quality of CBD Tea really does come down to the raw ingredients, methods of extraction and production of the tea itself. Here at Eden’s Gate, all of our CBD tea bags are produced with herbal ingredients from reputable suppliers all over the world for their noticeable taste and relaxation benefits. This includes as range of CBD chamomile tea, Peppermint, Rooibos, English Breakfast,  Green Tea Macha and many more! Our raw CBD is produced via certified laboratories using critical CO2 extraction for the most safe and bioavailable Cannabidiol (CBD) possible, and is triple batch tested by a registered 3rd party laboratory.  Not only do we have the largest range of teas, but we also have various types available most suited to users who want either the most prominent effects of CBD tea, or want the benefits of CBD without the taste of hemp flower tea.

Hemp Tea & Hemp Tea Bags

When it comes to CBD tea or hemp tea UK, there are two distinct differences between what you will be purchasing. Hemp tea as traditionally known, comes from the stalk and leaves of the hemp plant and is grounded to a small granular form to allow the production into tea bags and loose leaf strainers. Hemp tea, still contains cannabinoids including CBD (Cannabidiol) since these components are found within the leaves of the hemp plant, therefore the reason behind why Hemp tea can also be called CBD tea. However, CBD tea UK can also be produced by infusing water concentrated soluble CBD into the tea itself and correctly dosed into each tea bag. The difference with this is that the CBD from the hemp plant has already been extracted into a concentrate and infused with the tea, therefore the Hemp flower will not need to be used in making the production of say... CBD peppermint tea.

Here at Eden’s Gate we give you the benefit of both options. You can purchase for example a  ‘CBD Chamomile Tea’ which will be high quality chamomile leaf infused with water soluble CBD to give you a final product that has the health benefits of CBD tea, without changing the taste of chamomile tea through the inclusion of Hemp flower. Whereas, you can also purchase a ‘CBD Hemp Flower Chamomile Tea’ which will have chamomile flower, water soluble CBD, and the additional benefit of hemp flower also within the infusion. This is a great option for users that want the maximum benefits of CBD and do not mind the taste of hemp!

CBD Tincture in Tea

Another method of making CBD tea is to put your desired number of CBD oil tincture drops into your own brewed tea to make your own CBD tea infusion. However the issue with this is that CBD tincture is often infused with a lipid (Fat) including Hemp seed oil or MCT Coconut oil as CBD needs a fat to dissolve. However when mixing oil with water used in making teas, the oil being hydrophobic does not mix with water and will be separated, floating on the surface of your tea. This also then decreases the amount of bioavailability of CBD you in turn absorb into your bloodstream making this option not as effective. Teas that use a high amount of milk of cream can work better with this option but for best results its also best to stick to tea bags made from reputable suppliers.

CBD Tea Review

Overall, when it comes down to buying CBD teas its all down to the users choice. The best question to ask yourself when buying any cannabis teas is whether you looking for maximum effects from CBD tea, or your looking to keep the original flavour of herbal teas with an added health benefit to your daily health routine. If maximum CBD effects is what your after, then the best choice would be to pick a CBD Hemp Flower Herbal Tea with both CBD concentrate and hemp leaf infused within your drink to get the best amount of bioavailable cannabinoids within your system. If you’re a tea connoisseur and love the flavour of your chosen herbal tea, then pure CBD tea would be the choice for you. Either way, bringing CBD tea into your daily health routine is a great choice to explore the benefits CBD has to offer.

If you need to get in touch do discuss CBD tea then feel free to contact us and a friendly member of staff will always be there to help you out.

CBD Tea Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use CBD Tea Bags?

CBD tea bags are a more effective way to consume your CBD than other methods such as diluting your CBD oil into a standard tea which is known for separating. Your specialist CBD tea bags can be simply used as you would with your traditional tea, letting it brew to unleash the delicious flavours which you can enjoy at any time of the day.

Will I Get Stronger Results from CBD Oil Than CBD Tea UK?

It is a common misconception that CBD tea is a weaker alternative to more traditional forms of CBD, but this is not the case. As you drink CBD tea, you actually ingest a higher quantity of CBD than you would when using oil underneath your tongue. To achieve more effects, opt for a higher dosage depending on your personal needs and tolerance.

Does CBD Tea Taste Good?

We perfect our recipes so you can sit and unwind with your CBD tea UK. Do not be put off by the thought of CBD adding an undesirable taste, as it is overpowered by the tasty ingredients which make up your favourite flavours.  We offer CBD tea bags for every palette, ranging from classic peppermint or chamomile to Macha green and hemp leaf.

Can I Improve My Anxiety with CBD Tea?

Relaxing in the comfort of your home with a warm cup of tea and a book or your favourite TV show is great for the mind as it is, but CBD tea can really help calm the body and reduce your symptoms. CBD is a popular choice for those dealing with anxiety and stress but opting for tea instead of more traditional formats brings added benefits from the blend of natural ingredients, helping you truly relax.


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