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CBD infused coffee takes the buzzy, energetic effects of coffee and combines it with the calming, mood-boosting and stress relieving benefits of CBD to create an uplifting drink that you can enjoy throughout the day.,

Benefits of CBD Coffee UK

Many people who drink CBD coffee in the UK have reported many noticeable benefits. And whilst the true medical benefits are still being investigated, the number of customers who notice the immediate advantages of drinking CBD coffee is abundant. CBD oil has a range of benefits for adults of all ages including pain relief, stress relief and reducing inflammation. Therefore, when paired with staple British drinks to create CBD tea and CBD coffee, you can’t help but try it out!

Stress Relief

Although it may seem pointless to combine the calming effects of CBD with the buzz of energy that your morning cup of coffee gives you, CBD coffee creates a mood-balancing, stress-relieving effect that can set you up for the day. Start your day off on the right foot with CBD infused coffee to get you prepared for a stressful day ahead.


Coffee is known to help us focus. However, a little too much and you can find yourself a little too alert for your liking. The good thing about CBD coffee is that the CBD acts as a balancing component that keeps you calm whilst retaining your focus for an incredible mix.

Improved Sleep Quality

CBD infused coffee can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer than usual. This is down to the CBD in the coffee that relaxes your body and calms your mind which in turn, helps you to drift off and have the good night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

Boosts Immune System

Prepare your immune system for a well-needed boost after drinking CBD coffee in the UK. When drunk regularly, CBD coffee may improve your immune system and you may find that your body responds better to various infections and diseases than it did before.

Pain Relief

CBD is known for its pain-relieving properties. That means that if you suffer from chronic pain, CBD coffee could help you manage it due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in CBD. It may also help manage joint pain and menstrual cramps!

How to Use CBD Infused Coffee

At Eden’s Gate, we stock the highest quality CBD coffee in the UK from leading brands. Choose from a variety of different flavours, aromas and strengths to find the CBD infused coffee that works for you. Our ground CBD coffee blends are filled with delicious flavour as well as the natural benefits of CBD. To use, simply add a spoonful of your favourite CBD infused coffee into your mug, just as you would a normal cup of coffee, and then add your milk and hot water as normal. Let it cool to your ideal temperature, then sit back and relax as you reap the calming yet mood-boosting benefits of CBD coffee UK.

Who Chooses CBD Coffee UK?

CBD interacts with the body just like vitamins. By taking it every day in your preferred method, whether that be through CBD gummies or hemp capsules, you can reap the many benefits outlined above. CBD infused coffee helps you to enjoy your favourite hot drink in the morning, before a big meeting or throughout the day to keep your energy levels high but your stress levels low. CBD coffee is a perfect mixture of what you need to get yourself through the day as well as help you get a restful sleep at night.

CBD Coffee FAQs

What is the recommended dosage for CBD coffee?

The dosage that you take is dependent on you as a person (such as your weight, height, and metabolism speed) as well as other factors like if you’ve eaten and if you’ve taken CBD before. The Food Standards Authority recommends no more than 70mg of CBD a day for a healthy adult unless under medical direction. We always recommend starting on the lowest dosage of CBD coffee and working your way up to the stronger dosages when you’ve experienced how lower dosages affect you.

Can I take CBD infused coffee every day?

Absolutely! It’s recommended to take CBD every day for you to reap the full benefits. You can’t overdose on CBD; however, we recommend not exceeding 70mg a day across any product. CBD coffee UK doesn’t give any intoxicating effects so it’s safe to use throughout the day, even when driving.

Does CBD coffee affect other medicines?

If you’re currently taking mediation, first speak to your GP for advice on whether you can take CBD alongside it. Many drugs are broken down by enzymes in the liver, and CBD may compete or interfere with these enzymes which could affect how much of the drug is being taken into the body.

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